Core Training: Keep It Simple

As with many other things in the realm of fitness, the “secret” to getting abs has been misconstrued by social media. The process of building six pack abs is much more simple than you would think, I will share my methods.

1. LIFT HEAVY- This is a common theme for all my training philosophies. The big three lifts (squat, bench, and deadlift) all require massive amounts of core.strength. Moving heavy weights has played a major role in making my abs thick.

2. KEEP IT SIMPLE- For the most part, I only use two different movements to train core.

The first is weighted cable crunches, they can be done standing or kneeling. The key is to go heavy, and to breathe out all your air at the bottom of the crunch, squeezing your abs as tightly as possible. The part many people miss is at the top end of the movement, you need to let the weight stretch your midsection.

The second, and my favorite movement, is the ab wheel. The beauty of it is that you can do it anywhere. The ab wheel, although simple has many variations that can really help bring out the details in your abs. Weighted ab wheels were my staple for getting an actual six pack. While many people get decent abs, a majority of time they will have the 4 upper abs, but miss the lower abs. Pick one up from Walmart for less than $10, then take it everywhere. Seriously

3. BE CONSISTENT- Although the process is simple, the work is still hard. You need to train core daily. Plain and simple. During my prep I trained core with my normal workouts, then typically did 100 ab wheels or 100 weighted crunches before bed. Your core can handle a massive workload, you can't train abs once a week and expect results

Forget the detox, forget the wraps, forget the 6 minute abs. Train heavy, train often, and pay attention to the details.

-Eian Birtcher