The Origins of Old School Gym New Philadelphia Part I

To begin the story of Old School Gym New Philadelphia, I will share the beginning of my relationship with Dustin, Cory, and OSG

I was just starting to get the hang of lifting around 2013. I was following some generic programming from and training at the Aultman Physical Therapy Center in Carrollton. Around that time, I was starting to get into jiu jitsu. I saw a local pro fighter Justin “The Hawk” Steave mention something about Gutcheck Strength and Conditioning. I decided to see what it was all about, I signed up, and start going through the site. The workouts were tough, this is where I really started to learn to push the pace and dig deep. I still use a lot of the methods I learned from this site in my training today (5/10/20, Serrano press, Airdyne Sprints, the list goes on) What really caught my attention though, was Dustin Myers and the gym he trained in. Remember, i had previously been following workouts, so Dustin really changed my perspective. I was used to seeing Steve Cook do some generic workouts in some fancy gym, and here was some guy working out in a gym full of beat up old equipment wearing a hoodie and a toboggan. I was hooked, the training, the style, everything.

Through Dustin and following Old School Gym, I had also started following Cory aka  “MusclepharmPres” at the time. Like Dustin, Cory had a vastly different training style than anything I had seen. He was up early to train every day, and had just started squatting everyday. The biggest thing that stuck out for me at that time was how big Cory was on self-development and motivation. I had been training hard, but Cory inspired me to work on my mindset, and made me start thinking more about the business side of things. I knew had to find something like Old School, even if I had to build it myself. My brother and I started brainstorming a gym for Carrollton (All In Training did not exist at this point). Our big plan was to put a gym in the old Vet’s Pool and we started looking into ways to get the building and equipment, and what it really took to make it happen.

The Call

I was on vacation in the Outer Banks in June 2014, and Cory put up a tweet saying to post your number and he might call for some Monday Motivation, I posted my number for the heck of it. I ended up getting a call from a restricted number, my mom's number was restricted at that time, so I figured it was her giving me a call. I pick up the phone and hear “What's up man, this is Cory Gregory”. I couldn’t believe it, it was my first chance to pick Cory's brain. I told Cory our plan to open up a gym just like Old School. We talked about squatting everyday, mindset, everything. The call got me fired up.

Later that summer I made several trips to OSG to train with Cory and Dustin, I had seen the gym plenty of times in videos and pictures, but it didn’t do it justice. OSG was so different than any gym I had ever been in. Cory and Dustin were so real, exactly like they portrayed themselves on social media, they lived it. The lifestyle at OSG was exactly what I wanted, but I had no idea what the future had in store.