Basic Breakdown and Understanding of Exercises Types for Athletes by Greyson Loweecy

Generally in all categories of athletics there are different exercises that translate to different areas in the perspective sport. These exercises are divided into general, sport-specific, competitive, and directed exercises . All of these categories are subject to change depending on the athlete and the area in which they need to improve in. Factors that may vary for each athlete include age, expertise, and overall ability ..physically as well as mentally .

In regards to development of athletes, it is important to understand that just doing sport-specific movements will not make the athlete strong. The athlete must use many different exercises to improve strength, coordination, as well as speed. After building that foundation, the coach should then focus more on overall technique. Focusing on getting the athlete you are working with stronger and making the focus more general will have much better results. And having a better base of general (gpp) will also help to keep the athlete much safer during in-season. General physical preparedness is the basis for sport specific prep .

Overall sport specific and general specific movements need to be at the same ratio . Adding in too much volume of either one can cause a rapid decline in both of these variables. So when working with your athlete, make sure you know them well. This means understanding their weaknesses, level of fitness, and very importantly their age. As I aforementioned this variable is extremely important. Physiologically as well as psychological development is very different in certain age groups. Variety is always essential to overall development and success of the athlete you are working with.