Passion, Pursuit, and Self-Belief

Self belief is being confident in yourself and knowing you can achieve the task at hand . Whether your in the gym or in life , this is something you must own up to. When things come down to the wire and you’ve got no one else to count on ..but you ..yourself and your mindset . How do you stack up ? Do you feel like you can’t live up to it ?
Those are tough questions to answer on your own . But if your sure of yourself and the actions you make , it will undoubtedly be a yes ! But this may not be the same for everyone . To build this level of confidence , you must not be afraid to fail . When you walk up to the platform in powerlifting , you are 100% sure of yourself making your first lift . You’ve trained hard and you’ve done everything right . You’ve executed this lift time and time again . It’s showtime ! The lift should be easy !
I mean you better be ..otherwise you opened way too heavy . That is a small example of self belief and confidence .
This goes beyond the gym . When your friends are talking to you and they question what your doing . They may ask why you do what you do and are trying to be this person that you are. I’m talking goals , whether business , life etc . What’s your answer ?? Do you cover up your dreams and sweep them under the rug like they never existed ? Or do you own what you do and show the confidence that you know you have inside you that fuels the fire within you . Your confidence should speak in your body language and how you carry yourself . I’m not saying walk with a chip on your shoulder . I am saying walk with your chin held high and believe that no matter what your gonna achieve something great because you know that you’ve got this momentum and passion burning within you . Everyone wants to pick and prod at others for doing things they would never have the courage to do . But lets face it takes guts and lots of courage to go the opposite way of the crowd. Time and time again will learn lessons all about yourself , and you may fail but it’s all part of a learning experience . It’s gonna set you up for success down the road . Bounce back and use that self belief . Instead of crumbling and falling as prey to people who pick apart what you wanna do . Go ahead and just own it . Confidence is contagious and sooner or later you will win those over with your actions . Surround yourself with others that have the same or similiar visions as you . People may think your nuts or looney , because your passion may not make sense to them . That’s okay though !! It’s not for them to understand and it’s for you to unlock . Be humble and be nice , and just know that what your trying to do is special to you for a reason . Never doubt yourself and understand your always one step away from where you wanna be .