Old School Gym is for everybody. Here is what our members have to say:


Taylor Immel

“It’s not just a gym it’s a family, Eian and Kris offer their knowledge and always go the extra mile to make their members feel welcome. I love the old school feel with the metal weights clanking around, that mixed with the music makes for the best training environment.”


james lundenberger

“When I started at OSG I could barely bench 95lbs. I was nervous to even go, not knowing how people would act towards me since I wasn’t a big lifter. I soon found out that no one cared and not only that, helped me (and still help me) reach the goals I am trying to achieve. I now consider the gym my family and look forward to going everyday.”

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lisa miller

“One of the reasons I love OSG is because of the family atmosphere! When I walk through the doors I can leave all the stress outside and I know I’m in a safe environment where I can be myself! I absolutely love training with the 6:30am crew because everyone works crazy hard, is consistent, and we’ve built great camaraderie! I’ve never been this motivated to get out of bed early every single day to go train as hard as I can!”


Chris alberts

“The atmosphere and the people I train with. What makes you come here over another gym? It reminds me of the gym I started in, Eian and his ability/willingness to help/teach new members and existing members.”